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What is a Built-To-Suit?

A "build to suit" (BTS) is a type of real estate development approach in which a property owner or developer constructs a building according to the specific needs and requirements of a tenant. The developer creates the building with the tenant's unique specifications in mind, tailoring the design, layout, and features to meet the tenant's business needs.

Key features of a build-to-suit arrangement include:

1. Customization: The building is designed and constructed based on the tenant's specific preferences, such as size, layout, interior features, and amenities.

2. Pre-Lease Agreement: Before starting construction, the tenant and developer enter into a pre-lease agreement that outlines the terms of the lease, including the lease duration, rent, and other lease provisions.

3. Single Tenant: Build-to-suit developments typically result in a single-tenant building, meaning the entire property is occupied by the tenant who commissioned the development.

4. Long-Term Commitment: Build-to-suit arrangements often involve long-term lease agreements, as the tenant and developer invest time and resources in creating a tailored building.

5. Tenant Involvement: The tenant has significant involvement in the design and planning process to ensure the final product meets their specific operational requirements.

6. Developer's Responsibilities: The developer is responsible for the construction of the building, securing necessary permits, and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

7. Ownership: In most cases, the developer retains ownership of the property, and the tenant becomes a lessee under the lease agreement.

Build-to-suit developments are common in commercial real estate, especially for businesses with specialized needs that cannot be easily met by existing properties in the market. These arrangements allow tenants to have a building uniquely suited to their operational requirements without the costs and complexities of owning or developing the property themselves.

For tenants, the build-to-suit option provides an opportunity to have a customized space that enhances their operations and brand identity. For developers, it offers the advantage of a pre-leased property, reducing the risk of speculative development.

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