How to Make a Small Home Feel Larger

Sometimes a small space can feel smaller than it really is. With some design changes and rearrangements, your small space can feel and look larger. Here are some tips to make your small home feel larger.

  1. Mirrors. Mirrors are a good way to add more depth to a space. Mirrors are good along the end of a hallway or corridor. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors help the effect feel full as well. Mirrors are an easy and cost-effective way to add a larger home feeling.

  2. Recessed or flush-mount lights. Most older homes have lower ceilings, the best way to get rid of those low-hanging ceiling fans or light fixtures is to install a flush-mounted fan or recessed light in the ceiling. This will add a clean look and refreshed look as well. Adding additional lights will also help make the space feel brighter and larger.

  3. Lighter colors. Lighter colors like whites, off whites, light grays, or tans can help make a space feel as large as it can feel. Lighter colors let light reflect a lot easier. Glossier paint textures also help to reflect light off the walls and surfaces.

  4. Larger windows. Adding larger windows can help make a space feel and look larger since it opens it up to the outside which is wide open. Windows that have no grids and are one complete piece are ideal for this effect.

  5. Undermounted Sinks. Undermounted sinks give a sleeker look to your restroom and kitchen. This helps reduce countertop clutter and helps make the space a little less cluttered.

  6. Replacing Tubs with Showers. Small restrooms feel tighter with old tubs. Having a pass-through shower will help give a small restroom a roomier feel.

  7. In-wall Shelves. Recessed shelves can add more space to your room. There is usually space between your studs to push shelves in the back. This gives you more room to store stuff and more space for your room.

  8. Cleaning clutter. Cleaning clutter will not only help your space feel better, but it will also make your space feel larger. If you've had clutter for a while, cleaning it up will make it look like a whole new room.

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